A Day In The Life Of A Technical Designer At JCRPOS

What is a typical day like for a Technical Designer? Here at JCRPOS, design runs through the heart of what we do. Every Design Studio has their own way of doing things, and we’re no different. Our way can be split into a tale of two halves; concept design and technical design. Our Concept Team do a great job of dreaming up ideas, narrating a project’s story and sharing stunning visuals to share our ideas with our clients. It’s then the job of the Technical Team to bring the story to life and develop an idea into a production ready solution. So, what does a typical day look like?

Mornings start with a coffee, fuelling the brain in preparation for solving the technical challenges ahead. After a caffeine fix, it’s on with the day.

Most of our work for Point of Sale display stands are done in Solidworks, but we still opt for the trusty pen and paper at the beginning of a project, taking time to think things through to find the best way of approaching a problem. After quickly sketching ideas, the process moves into 3Dconcept modelling, where we can get a real sense for the best way to mass produce a design.

We use Solidworks CAD to model our POS designs in 3D. This 3D data can be used to create a technical drawing pack to convey to our shopfloor about how we want our permanent point of sale display units to be produced, as well as running technical situations to test scenarios such as stress points and draft analysis.

When a section has been developed in Solidworks, it’s always beneficial and indeed is our policy, to create a prototype for testing. We have a variety of processes at our disposal in-house for this, which the team put to good use daily and this is helped by our fully stocked workshop of machinery.

Taking time to further develop sections of each CDU or FSDU throughout the design process is an important stage for us in aiming to perfect a solution before it goes on display within the retail store. Above all else, we place importance on creating solutions which will perform for the whole lifetime of the unit.

The process of testing prototypes prior to the manufacturing stage of a project is something we strongly believe in. We prototype every design we create and typically then use these prototypes to show our clients how a project has progressed from the first visuals our Concept Team created to the technical design stage.

This will then spring board a POS display unit into production.

This overview of our technical process is a glimpse into our way of working and thinking, which we apply to all our projects. As a team, we have a shared passion for designing beautifully engineered customer experiences and strive to keep pushing the boundaries for this.

If you would like to discuss bringing your brand to life with a retail point of sale display please contact us on 01482 345067 or email ben.sullivan@jandcrwood.co.uk

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