A Day In The Life Of A Technical Designer At JCRPOS

What is a typical day like for a Technical Designer? Here at JCRPOS, design runs through the heart of what we do. Every Design Studio has their own way of doing things, and we’re no different. Our way can be split into a tale of two halves; concept design and technical design. Our Concept Team do a great job of dreaming up ideas, narrating a project’s story and sharing stunning visuals to share our ideas with our clients. It’s then the job of the Technical Team to bring the story to life and develop an idea into a production ready solution. So, what does a typical day look like?

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The A – Z of Point of Sale and Why We Need It

Point of Sale or ‘POS’ surrounds us everyday and even without realising it you are being influenced by every retailer you visit. POS (Point of Sale) is what drives sales and encourages your customers to spend more and become increasingly familiar with your brand.

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New Year, New Point of Sale Display!

There has never been a more important time for brands to seriously consider the effectiveness of their Point of sale displays.

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Point of sale display trends to watch out for in 2019

As consumers get savvier and retailers battle to impress, which high street display features are likely to deliver the best return on investment in the future?

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Recycling – A Topical Issue

Just hearing the word recycling is enough to send people into a tizzy. However, while recycling is a simple enough process , which seems self explanatory ,the time has come for closer investigation, into this topical issue, in particular with permanent Point of Sale. We will try and illustrate that our throw away mindset, quite simply, cannot be sustained.

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Colour Considerations for POS Display Units

Colour is the very first thing you will notice about your POS Display Units. It is interesting to note that as humans, we are programmed to see colour first, shape second. photography third and finally words. In addition to this, 85% of customers say colour is the primary reason for purchasing a product (Statistics from ColourCom).

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