The A – Z of Point of Sale and Why We Need It

Point of Sale or ‘POS’ surrounds us everyday and even without realising it you are being influenced by every retailer you visit. POS (Point of Sale) is what drives sales and encourages your customers to spend more and become increasingly familiar with your brand.

Point of Sale Display is important in today’s modern retail environment, as online shopping is now taking an ever growing percentage of consumer spending. In the retail environment a POS display can be the push your customer needs to make their purchasing decision as 70% of in store purchases are made on impulse. So, the more you know your customers and tailor your POS to their interests, the more likely they are to purchase your product. In this internet generation, POS is the driving force for in store impulse purchases and is the last advertising point your customer will see before they make a purchase - this is your final chance to give them what they need to know.

In addition to this, we all know how important image can be, and this applies to your POS displays as much as any other part of the business. Not only do your products need to be shown in the best possible light, but your displays need to meet expectations too – those that are scratched, chipped or otherwise past their best won’t give the store the high-end image it wants, and if the POS displays aren’t right,  your products won’t look so appealing either. Looks really do matter, so making sure you’ve got top quality POS displays should be at the top of the agenda and JCRPOS can help.

THE A – Z – some POS display suggestions from JCRPOS to help bring your brand to life:

A-Frame: Easily manufactured by JCRPOS and can be used with promotional print. These can easily be re-located and modified, which is a big plus for permanent POS.

Counter Top Displays: These are great for last minute impulse purchases. Take a look at the gallery on our website which illustrates some of our CDU projects.

Digital Point of Sale Displays: Whether with stand alone screens or digital elements incorporated into an FSDU or CDU display opens new possibilities for data gathering.

FSDU (Floor Standing Display): These are generally used to display light weight items such as books, food or garden products and can easily be moved around the store. This type of display gives you the chance to give your customers more information and make your products really stand out. We have had feedback from customers who have enjoyed increased sales of more than 200% with an FSDU designed and manufactured at JCRPOS.

Light Boxes: JCRPOS have incorporated light boxes with our POS display to illuminate graphics. These are most typically used for beauty or electrical products.

QR codes: Online content has been integrated with POS displays for some years now, but it has taken on a new urgency with the explosion in sophisticated mobile devices.

Shelf Strips or enhancers: Increases brand awareness

If you would like to discuss bringing your brand to life with retail point of sale display please contact us on 01482 345067 or email

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