Colour Considerations for POS Display Units

Colour is the very first thing you will notice about your POS Display Units. It is interesting to note that as humans, we are programmed to see colour first, shape second. photography third and finally words. In addition to this, 85% of customers say colour is the primary reason for purchasing a product (Statistics from ColourCom).

Where possible it is best to stick to brand colours for consistency, but also bear in mind the following:

  • Blue is the go to colour for many brands as it conveys trust and security and a long with pink is often used to attract more traditional buyers.
  • Red is thought to stimulate decision making and increase the heart rate.
  • Yellow is psychologically the happiest colour in the colour spectrum.

Certain colours carry strong connections with specific ideas and industries, which businesses can use in their retail display POS. For example, green is strongly associated with environmental friendliness, so a company marketing to an environmentally conscious audience might benefit from the liberal use of green in it’s point of purchase displays.

In a study titled ‘Impact of Colour Marketing’ researchers found that up to 90% of snap judgements made about products can be based on colour alone, illustrating how important the decision of colour can be, including that used on point of sale display stands. We at JCRPOS have our own creative studio designers to help guide your decisions, coupled with our own ‘in house’ powder coating plant offering a comprehensive range of colours, including any bespoke colours which may be required to enhance or align with your marketing or corporate colours.

However, the bottom line is that the use of colour can really enhance your customer mood, establish a brand recognition and affect purchasing habits. JCRPOS has the experience to guide you through these decisions every step of the way.

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