Recycling – A Topical Issue

Just hearing the word recycling is enough to send people into a tizzy. However, while recycling is a simple enough process , which seems self explanatory ,the time has come for closer investigation, into this topical issue, in particular with permanent Point of Sale. We will try and illustrate that our throw away mindset, quite simply, cannot be sustained.

In the modern world, we are constantly looking for ways to decrease our overall energy consumption in the hope of leaving a viable planet for our children. We are consuming all forms of energy at a rapidly skyrocketing rate. So, when for example POS is manufactured, a great deal of raw energy must be consumed and so by considering the benefits of recycling, the consumer can reduce the amount of long term energy needed for these processes, which can only be beneficial to the planet and therefore incurs much less expense for you, the consumer. Therefore, if green initiatives and sustainability is important to you then, JCRPOS can help you by saving you money by creating permanent POS solutions and at the same time helping to save the planet.

One of the biggest concerns the proponents for recycling argue, is for the decrease in the cutting down of trees for paper or cardboard products, which is used widely for POS display. When trees are continually felled to create new products, including POS, this can have a very harmful effect on the overall environment. The loss of trees to create yet another batch of paper or cardboard can be devastating to our ecosystem. Did you know that cardboard and paper account for 20% of the waste produced in the UK and with temporary ‘in and out’ displays only lasting on average 4 – 6 weeks, this can make a considerable contribution to this figure.

Conversely, permanent point of sale display, if engineered and designed carefully, with the possibility of fresh graphics for subsequent marketing initiatives, is a far greener approach by offering greater longevity before recycling becomes necessary. Let JCRPOS show you how.

JCRPOS can show you that permanent displays can be recycled less frequently, thus significantly decreasing the production of industrial waste and when it comes to pollution in modern society, industrial waste is the largest culprit. There is no escaping the fact that our landfill sites are filling up fast, adding further to the harmful chemicals and greenhouse gasses released from such sites. It must be realised that anything which can be done to stem the tide of pollution is very important to our long term survival. So, reusing your Point of Sale, instead of just throwing it away, should become a major point of emphasis in those early stages of your POS campaign thoughts. Therefore, if you love your planet, say it with permanent POS.

Some may think that recycling plants are dealing effectively with these ongoing problems. However, we would suggest that due to the worldwide economic slump many waste management recycling plants are finding it increasingly difficult to remain viable and to make a profit from waste materials, including many in the UK, USA and China. Traditionally, much of this recycled material has been purchased by China, however their slowdown has resulted in little demand and is presenting a serious conundrum for our waste products.

The topic of ocean waste is very much in the forefront today, thanks to the research by Sir David Attenborough. Astonishing facts have been revealed indicating the true extent of the plastic waste evident in our oceans. Much of this originates from Asia and the Pacific Islands which is estimated to be in excess of 60% from this area alone. So, when you next consider your POS manufacturer also give some thought to the implications of using plastic and acrylic. That image of the whale and the dying young calf was heart wrenching – all because of waste plastic!

Finally, by using permanent point of sale, you can help extend the shelf life of many of our natural resources. Increasingly we are hearing customers tell us that they need their Point of Sale Display Stands to last longer than a single sales campaign. The solution to this dilemma must be permanent POS and JCRPOS is the UK’s No 1 manufacturer.

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